The Day After Halloween










Yes we can recycle those rotten pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns! No, not for soup!  Use them for backyard or balcony compost bins.  This time of year, there is oodles of carbon in the compost in the form of leaves. You need more nitrogen from food scraps to balance out the carbon. Rotten pumpkins will make a great addition to compost piles.

Unlike other days of the year, when it comes to Halloween, you can’t be an outfit repeater.  So why not set up a swap for Halloween costumes?  This way, you can shop, free of charge for your outfit and someone else can benefit from what you wore this year. What a great way to clean up after the Halloween season!

It can be as simple as this:

  • Gather your just used hallowe’en costumes. Clean and hang them on a coat hanger.      
  •  Find a location and set up a date.
  • Get the word out. Email all your friends, get the word out on the bulletin board of your building, your friend’s building and online community message boards.
  • Show up at the location, with your costumes on a garment hanger. Hang out. Have fun as people from all over the community bring their costumes to swap with.

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