Ouch! Prostate cancer is a male health issue that can be uncomfortable to talk about, but an issue too deadly to ignore.

Movember is a month long fund raising campaign where men start November with a clean-shaven face, then grow a moustache throughout the month. Money raised goes to support the fight against prostate cancer. With their “Mo’s” men raise vital funds and awareness of men’s health, specifically prostate and male health initiatives.

Prostate cancer afflicts thousands of Canadian men annually. It is the most common cancer found in Canadian men, and one in seven will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime. The risk for men of getting prostate cancer greatly increases after the age of 50. Of men who do develop this disease, prostate cancer is more common in men of African descent, and least common in men of Asian descent. Genetics does play a role in prostate cancer, as with most cancers, and the chances of getting this cancer increase if there is a family history of this disease.

Education is the key in the fight against prostate cancer. As with so many things health related, men often choose to ignore health problems until the situation becomes debilitating. Education on prostate cancer teaches men that no matter how uncomfortable the subject, hiding one’s head in the sand does little to help in the fight against this killer disease. While the test for prostate cancer can be uncomfortable, it is a very simple test done in a doctor’s office, and it takes only a few minutes. As well as testing, diet is a key element of the fight against this cancer, and becoming educated on the right diet can go a long way in controlling and combating this disease.

The Vancouver Province newspaper reports that in 2011, Movember Canada raised $38.1 million in support of prostate cancer research. More than any other country in the world, and 3 times the amount collected in the United States!

Everyone knows someone who has battled one form of cancer or another. At the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville Hotel in downtown Vancouver, we have staff members past and present who have fought their own battle with cancer, or who have a close friend or relative who has been afflicted with this disease.

Prostate cancer can be beaten. Please support the battle against this disease by contacting Movember Canada for details on donating to the cause, and finding links about the prevention and control of prostate cancer.

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