Top 10 Suggestions For Winter Activities in Vancouver

Vancouver on a clear winter’s day.


Top 10 Suggestions for Winter Activities in Vancouver

Surfing the internet and shopping might be two favourite things to do in Vancouver while we wait for the grey sky of winter to give way to the beautiful blue sky of spring. But, that’s not all there is to do in Vancouver in the winter. Sure, there is skiing. But 2014 snow levels are down, and skiing kind of sucks this year. So, I’ve come up with a list of Top 10 Suggestions for Winter Activities in Vancouver, besides surfing the ‘net and shopping!

1.         If the sun is shining, get outside! It is a cardinal sin in Vancouver to be indoors on a sunny day in    winter, as we get so few of them. Walk in a park, kayak on English Bay, stroll Robson Street, cycle the bike paths, anything outside.

2.         Hit the gym. I mean REALLY hit the gym! Get that bod beach ready. Summer will be here before we know it, and it’s more fun being bold and beautiful on Kits Beach!

3.         If you have kids, take them to Science World. Let TELUS World of Science babysit for the afternoon, while you enjoy a Tim’s or Starbuck’s.

4.         Go swimming, an almost homeopathic cure for the blues produced by too much rain. Metro Vancouver has excellent public swimming pools.

5.         Go skating. The only ice we get around here is artificial, so lace ‘em up, and enjoy.


Kayaking on English Bay

6.         Hike the North Shore. Wear hiking boats and rain gear, and please stay on the beaten path. The North Shore Mountains while so close, are absolute wilderness, and can be dangerous. No bears in the winter though!

7.         Granville Island. Always busy, always popular, and with the Kid’s Market, there really is something for everyone.

8.         Take in a movie. In the downtown core, Scotiabank Paramount Theatre, and Tinseltown Theatre run the latest from Hollywood, and feature comfortable stadium styled seating.

9.         Enjoy a dinner out! Let someone else do the cooking, while you take your taste buds dancing.

10.       Visit the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park. This is an inexpensive, plant-filled, tropical oasis that is guaranteed to take your mind off Vancouver’s winter.

So, surfing the ‘net and shopping aren’t the only things to do on a rainy winter’s day, and I’ve suggested a list of Top 10 Suggestions for Winter Activities in Vancouver. What are some of your favourite things to do while waiting for the spring?

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