2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Games TOP 10 Moments

After two weeks of excitement, anguish, deception or glory, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Games have ended.  Ultimately it was not the Russian government anti-gay sentiment nor supposed terrorist attacks that defined these games, but the hard work, dedication, and amazing talent of the participating athletes.

Here is our top 10 favourite moments of the Games:

1)      The Opening Ceremony with the wilful snowflake! A technological gaffe of an otherwise grandiose show that made it around the World. The Russians did not let that affect them as they humorously re-enacted the incident during the closing ceremony.

2)       The German Olympic team outfit. Whether it was a hidden political message or not, the German rainbow outfits did make a sensation with huge positive reaction on social media.

3)       The Sochi Toilets! One cannot forget the double toilets photos that went viral on twitter by the many athletes and journalists present at the event.

Toilets at the 2014 Sochi Games

Toilets at the 2014 Sochi Games

4)      A big congrats to Norwegian cross-country skier Marit Bjoergen, 33, for becoming the most decorated female Winter Olympian in history.  She won a record sixth gold in the women’s 30km mass start at the Sochi Games.

5)      Canada is awesome at mogul skiing!! Not only did sisters Justine  and Chloé Dufour-Lapointe won the Gold and Silver medals in the women’s race, but Alex Bilodeau proved that he’s the king of moguls by defending his Olympic Goal, followed by fellow Canadian Mikaël Kingsbury who won the silver.

6)       Spirit of sportsmanship. A proud Canadian moment and mainly a representation of what the Olympics are all about. When Russian Anton Gafarov crashed and broke his ski during the men’s cross country finals, Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth did not hesitate to help and replace the snapped ski so that Anton could finish the race in dignity.

7)       Wolf in Sochi? Although it turned out to be a prank by Jimmy Kimmel, the wolf in Sochi did catch the news around the globe.  

8)      Sochi Stray dogs! When the Russian government announced it was going to deal with its Sochi stray dogs problem by exterminating them, the World reacted with many activists travelling to Sochi in order to save the dogs. Many Olympian athletes also returned from the Games with new furry friends.  

9)      Hockey is definitely Canada’s Game! With both the Men and Women’s team proudly coming home with the Gold, it is with great pride and confidence that Canada can declare itself a powerhouse on the ice.  

10)   Canada’s Medal Count!  Our Canadian athletes did a remarkable job at the 2014 Sochi Games, winning 25 medals, 10 of them being Gold, positioning itself 3rd overall, behind Russia and Norway! A Fantastic achievement Canada; we can’t wait to see to see you in 2018 in South Korea!

2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Medal Count

2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Medal Count


What are your favourite moments?

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