Leave The Car At Home Initiative

Here at Chateau Granville, we take great pride in our initiatives to help conserve the planet.

We want to take this opportunity to encourage friends, clients and guests to take part in a ‘leave the car at home’ initiative and using public or travel by foot where possible. Now that the weather is getting better and the rain appears to be easing off (we hope!), we think now is as good a time as any.

Reasons to leave your car at home

Using your car on a daily basis unfortunately has a big impact on the environment. In 2017 it’s vital that we all do our bit to protect our planet and reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. For some it is simply not feasible to commute without using their car. But if you live close enough to work to either walk, cycle or take public transport options, why not commit to doing your part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. While contributing to a greener environment you will also do some good for your own health and well being as well as maybe your finances. Have a look below at some of the reasons.

Benefits to leaving your car at home

Avoid traffic

Is there anything more irritating than sitting in traffic, bumper to bumper? Especially on a sunny day! Summer is the time to ditch the car and embrace public transport. You might find it gets you home much quicker than expected!

Get More Exercise

If you struggle to get in 30 minutes of exercise every day, kill two birds with one stone! Walking or cycling your commute gives you the perfect opportunity to get in exercise while leaving you more energized for the day ahead. Not to mention extra free time to yourself when you get home without feeling guilty about missing the gym.

Leave The Car At Home InitiativeTake Some ‘Me’ Time

Listen to music while walking or read a book on the bus or train, while not having to worry about operating a car. Music especially can be the perfect way to gear up for the day ahead or wind down after a hectic schedule. Try it out!

Save Money

Owing and operating a car can be expensive. Especially in Vancouver. All of the petrol and insurance costs can really add up. And when you factor in parking costs as well, it might be easier on your pocket to purchase a monthly compass card. Why not calculate exactly how much your car is costing you and figure out of leaving it at home might be more economically sound.

Leave your car at home initiative

Photo Credit: © Miljan Petrovic | Dreamstime Stock Photos

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to help the environment, take a look at our website, which outlines our own green initiatives as well as details on the associations that we are partnered with. These associations help us to raise and keep our standards high each and every year when it comes to caring for the environment.


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