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Vancouver started with a boom!

Never a sleepy hamlet, Vancouver went from dense Pacific rainforest to concrete and steel almost overnight. Though still a young city, Vancouver architecture has a rich history. During your stay at the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville, you will notice many prime examples of the evolution of Vancouver architecture. From the three and four storey stone and brick buildings of the 1880’s, to the recently completed 62 storey Shangri-la tower, Vancouver’s boom has barely taken a break. Listed here are some outstanding examples of Vancouver architecture found near the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville. 

Vancouver first took root in Gastownfollowing a devastating fire that swept through the city in 1886. The oldest brick building in Vancouver is the Byrnes Block in Gastown. Once the warehouse of importer David Oppenheimer (Vancouver’s first mayor), now it is the home of world-renowned musician Bryan Adams’ Warehouse Studios!

As the 1900’s progressed, the city moved further to the west, centering on Granville and Georgia Streets. Four blocks from the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville stands the Hudson Bay Department Store. Constructed in 1913, this lavish, neoclassical treasure influenced Hudson Bay store construction across western Canada!

As Vancouver progressed, so did Vancouver Architecture. The Marine Building completed in 1930, stands proudly at the corner of Hastings and Burrard Streets. This Art Deco masterpiece celebrates the industry of early Vancouver, with a series of stunning motifs decorating the exterior of the building.

The BCHydro Building dominated the Vancouver skyline in 1957. This tower at the corner of Nelson and Burrard streets was once lit 24/7, windows ablaze with the hue of fluorescent bulbs. Before modern energy conservation, BC Hydro left this building lighted as a “shining symbol of service” to the people and industry of British Columbia. 

The 1960s closed with the construction of the MacMillan Bloedel Building at 1075 West Georgia Street. This tower features a gently flaring base, evoking images of giant trees; the resource that the MacMillan Bloedel Company made their fortune harvesting. Designed by renowned architect Arthur Erickson, this tower is one of the many structures he designed. Others include the Law Courts, Robson Square, and Simon Fraser University atop Burnaby Mountain.

The Bentall Center dominates the corners of Dunsmuir and Burrard. These four office towers were constructed from 1965 through 1981. Bentall Center was a prime example of architectural Modernism when completed.

From the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville, you can see the striking Wall Center development. One of Vancouver’s tallest buildings, when completed in 2001 Wall Center One won the Emporis Skyscraper Award for Best New Skyscraper.

The stunning Shangri-la Vancouver is now the city’s tallest building. Completed in 2008, this ultra modern complex is home to the Shangri-la Vancouver Hotel and residential condominiums. An architectural masterpiece, this tower has set a new standard for skyscraper construction and Vancouver architecture!

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