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Vancouver hosts many celebrities here to film movies or record music. This corner of the world has reared a few notable entertainers too! Even the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville has played a role for location shots! Here are a few notable local success stories in the Entertainment Business.

Pamela Anderson, who made it famous as the blonde haired buxom star of Baywatch, was discovered dancing for the giant video screen at a BC Lions football game at BC Place stadium. Her meteoric rise to fame kept her abreast of local celebrity Michael J. Fox, who rose to stardom playing the neurotic Michael Keaton, in TV’s “Family Ties”. Let’s not forget Jason Priestly. This local starred in the hit television series Beverly Hills 90210. Continuing in Hollywood, Jason is now a producer.

Vancouver artists have impacted music too. Michael Bublé steals hearts with his vocal magic. Sarah McLachlan founded The LILITH FAIR concert tours. Terry Jacks’ ‘SEASONS IN THE SUN’ was the top selling single of its time. Bryan Adams’ rise to fame celebrates the spirit in much of what makes Vancouver special. As an 18-year-old kid, Bryan sat outside legendary Canadian music manager Bruce Allen’s office refusing to move until given some ear time. Hit songs including ‘RUN TO YOU’ and ‘EVERYTHING I DO, I DO IT FOR YOU’ were the payoff!

Vancouver has a history of being home to stars. Pauline Johnson was a world-renowned Canadian writer and performer popular in the late 19th century. Thousands of Vancouverites celebrated Pauline’s life at her funeral procession through Vancouver. Her memorial stands amidst the cedar trees above 3rd beach in Stanley Park, only minutes from the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville.

Boris Karloff performed on Vancouver stages in around 1910. Some suggest that it was here that Boris began his career as a professional actor. One can imagine Boris Karloff gracing the vaudevillian stages of the Pantages Theatre group, whose West Coast presence is noted in the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, and the Polar Bear swim in Vancouver each January 1st. Peter Pantages and his partying friends began this tradition back in 1921.

Robert Goulet, the handsome leading man from the 1960s, acted with the Theatre Under the Stars ensemble; an ever-changing troupe that performs nightly throughout the summer in Stanley Park’s Malkin Bowl; a short cab ride from this downtown Vancouver hotel.

Raymond Burr is another local star, playing Perry Mason, the criminal lawyer who always won, and continued his winning legal ways, as the star of the TV series ‘Ironside.’

What celebrity have you seen in downtown Vancouver?

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