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Vancouver streets come alive with another fabulous cultural festival. This time it is TaiwanFest 2012, with events taking place on Granville Street, just outside the doors of the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville hotel in downtown Vancouver. The events from September 1-3 are extensive, with some of the live music highlights listed below.

Pin Kuan

Pin Kuan, originally fromMalaysia, has been nicknamed ‘Prince of Love Songs’, with his elegant style of singing and his ‘clean’, powerful voice. He has recently released an English LP “Need U Most”, and his recent performances of “What Those Girls Have Taught Me” and “A Gift of Love” were praised by fans and critics alike. Pin Kuan has expanded his career appearing in live theatre, TV dramas and movies.

Yen-J is a rising star in Mandarin pop music. Yen-J moved to the US from Taiwan with his family at a young age, and spent years experimenting with music, dedicating himself to jazz at the age of 11. He recorded his first album “Thanks To Your Greatness” in Taiwan, and performed live extensively, reaching  the finalist stage in the 2011 Golden Melody Award’s “Best Newcomer”  category. Yen-J combines rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, and hip hop, and fuses  Oriental and Western musical elements to create his unique brand of new jazz.

O-KAI Singers

O-KAI Singers, consisting of Atayal youths and several “Atayalized” Taiwanese, have the honour of participating in the Ward Swingle Award – a worldwide A-Cappella competition held in Austria. The aboriginal people of Taiwan are born  with beautiful voices, and the O-KAI Singers express their unique brand  of singing by combining traditional Atayal tunes with modern pop music.

Exit Clov

Exit Clov consists of Taiwanese-American twin sisters and three Americans. The sisters recorded their album “Island X”, based on Taiwanese folk songs their grandmother would sing to them. New interpretations of old folk songs infused with modern American elements have made the group successful. Exit Clov was invited to perform in the renowned “Spring Scream” in Taiwan in 2012, and created a sensation with their subsequent live shows. Now it’s Canada’s turn to enjoy the beautiful music of Exit Clov.

Come downtown and enjoy Taiwan Fest, and celebrate what is great about multi-cultural Vancouver.

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