At the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville hotel in downtown Vancouver, we remember. We remember the sacrifice, the commitment, the bravery, and the heroism of the women and men in arms who gave so much of themselves, so that we are able today to enjoy the freedoms that can so easily be taken for granted.

Canada has a storied history of involvement in military conflicts. From our most recent efforts in Afghanistan to bring simple freedoms like going to school for girls, to both world wars, to the policing actions in Bosnia, Korea, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Africa, Canada’s military has answered the bell when called to serve.

Veterans of these conflicts have worked here at the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville, and there is hardly a Canadian today who has not had a relative or friend who has served for Canada during one of these conflicts.

This November 11, at the cenotaph in Victory Square in downtown Vancouver, thousands will witness the wreath laying in commemoration of the valiant efforts of those who served to protect what we hold so dear, but can be taken so for granted.

At this time we are reminded to continue our support of our local legion branch, an organization that does so much to help Canada’s veterans.

At the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville in downtown Vancouver, our staff will be wearing red poppies pinned to our chests, as we join with the rest of Canada to take a day to remember.

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