24 Hours at the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville Hotel

Best Western Plus Chateau Granville











The BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville hotel in downtown Vancouver never sleeps. This is a typical day in our high-season from May to October.

White delivery truck isolated on white background, clipping paths included.

Delivery trucks unload before sunrise. By 5:00AM our chef in the Edge Social Grille and Lounge is preparing for the day ahead, and by 6:00AM our first server arrives to prepare the restaurant for a 7:00AM opening. The Edge will stay open until late into the night, with a seamless rotation of servers and kitchen staff.

By 6:30AM our daytime hotel staff begins arriving to relieve our night auditor and security. Our bellman, guest services agents, housekeepers, sales team, and management staff are all fully involved before 9:00AM.

New guests, often just off the cruise ships, begin arriving by 10:00AM. Our bellman is busy storing luggage and providing tourist information until check-in. Our guest service agents are kept occupied answering phones, guest inquiries, early check-in requests, and a handling a host of often unpredictable happenings.

Check out is 11:00AM, and it can be challenging to have  guests check out in time to have rooms ready for our 3:00PM check-in time.

Housekeeper Carrying Pillows












Behind the scenes, our award winning housekeepers are working at a frantic pace cleaning the hotel. Our maintenance department is busy with a continual routine of maintaining the hotel in the best shape possible.  

Shift change for the desk and bell staff happens at 3:00PM. By now, guests are returning to the hotel to check-in. Our evening bellman will retrieve luggage while the desk agent is finalizing registration, and within minutes guests are comfortable in their room.

As night falls across downtown Vancouver, guests make a quick stop to ask our lobby staff for some expert advice for an exciting night out. The neon-lit atmosphere of the Granville Street Entertainment District is sure to create great holiday memories.

At 11:00PM our night auditor and uniformed security arrive to take care of you until the morning, when the cycle begins again.

24 Hours at the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville Hotel can be hectic and sometimes challenging as we do our best to take care of you. Our reward is your gratitude, and knowing that we helped to make your visit a good one!

For a listing of upcoming happenings, please see our events page.

“It’s the extras that make us a PLUS!”

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