Vancouver, a Filming Hotspot!







In many film scenarios, Vancouver is transformed into New York, Boston, Seattle, supernatural, a futuristic planet, or a mystical World full of strange creatures.  

Perhaps not as renowned as its southern California neighbour, Vancouver or “Hollywood North“, is a prominent location for filming movies and television series. Many Production Companies choose Vancouver for its convenient proximity to Los Angeles, only a 2 hour flight, as well as its picturesque and diverse natural beauty that surrounds the city. Vancouver’s temperate weather also provides a big advantage, allowing filming to take place year-round and offering great lighting thanks to its cloudy skies.  Finally, metropolitan Vancouver, with its many neighbourhoods, can easily morph into different US locations that would otherwise be more costly or challenging to film.  

Supernatural and Sci-Fi seem to be the forerunners when it comes to Vancouver filming.  Perhaps it’s our mystic rainforest or local mountain range. Maybe it’s our coastline with its countless coves and islands, or it could the many unique venues across the city that brings inspiration.  Over the past decades, numerous prominent big budget sci-fi and fantasy movies  such as “The Twilight Saga”, “X-Men The Last Stand”, and “The Fantastic Four”, as well as TV series including theX-FilesorSmallville” have been shot in Vancouver, giving our city a unique identity in the film world.

If you are a movie aficionado, there are several organised tours that will bring you to various iconic film locations and different studios.  With a bit of luck, you may just run into a film set while visiting Vancouver, a common occurrence when walking around the city.

Being located in downtown Vancouver, The BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville can be seen in several movies and television series as Granville Street is a common shooting location for its unique urban character.  “Matthew Good Band” even filmed one of their music videos “Strange Days” in the hotel. Check out the video and see if you recognise the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville!   

A key player in British-Columbia’s economy, the film industry has put Vancouver on the map in the virtual world, establishing its uniqueness to billions of viewers across the planet.  

“It’s the extras that make us a PLUS!”

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