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In a ‘Green Vancouver,’ “One mans’ trash is another mans’ treasure.”

Remember when chicken bones, carrot tops, and other food scraps went into the garbage? Along with soup cans, empty milk cartons, and juice cans too? Well, with the “Greening of the Kitchen,” yesterday’s trash is becoming today’s treasure.

As part of our GREEN INITIATIVES program at this hotel, and in keeping with the ‘Green Vancouver’ strategy, our Edge Social Grille and Lounge is working hard to reduce kitchen waste. In fact, we are acting ahead of the City of Vancouver mandatory composting date of January 1 2015. The City of Vancouver estimates that If every resident in Vancouver recycled food scraps for a whole year, 5,500 trucks worth of food scraps would be removed from the landfill.

Food scraps and compostable paper products are separated from recyclable containers, and then collected and turned into something new! From garbage to gold! Food compost is an excellent soil nutrient, and when mixed back into the soil, the food cycle is completed, and new food is grown. The University of Georgia published this report, which details the process clearly.

The amount of waste that actually goes into the garbage is greatly reduced, shrinking our carbon footprint, and helping to keep Vancouver beautiful.


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The “Greening of the Kitchen” like our other green initiatives is one step in the ‘Green Vancouver’ strategy that we are taking in achieving the goal of a cleaner planet.


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