Discover Secret Vancouver – Vancouver’s Architectural Gems

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us”.-Winston Churchill

We present to you the amazing Vancouver architectural gems in our very own back yard -Vancouver! All the buildings featured have managed to capture the pure emotions of their time with their ornamental and expressive architecture that surely takes your breath away every time you set your eyes on it.


St. James Church


St James Church is a building that is classified as one of the very few major construction projects undertaken during the Vancouver Great Depression. Its spectacular architecture comprises of concrete walls and slate roofing. Located at Cordova and Gore on the Eastside, the architectural style adapted is a combination of styles from Romanesque Revival, Byzantine Revival, and Gothic Revival architecture. You will be mesmerized with its beauty.

Marine Building

Located at 355 Burrard street. It is renowned for its intricate details and at one time was named the tallest building in the British Empire. It was built in 1930. The talented architects Mccarter & Nairne are responsible for the beauty of this building with its terracotta tiled entrance, elaborate revolving doors, all themed in the colours of tinted sea-green and touched with gold. Its beauty was captured in many famous movies & TV productions and has become one of the busiest filming locations in the city.

City Hall

Constructed in 1935 and officially opened in December of 1936, Vancouver City hall still has the same charm as it did back then. Our modern city is known to love new buildings over the old; however our City hall still stands out for its magnificent Art Deco. The original light fixtures and elevators are full of expression. Next time you visit the city hall be sure to look out for the most delicate wood design you will ever see.


The Orpheum Theatre

The Orpheum Theatre opened in 1927 as Vancouver’s largest vaudeville house, providing a popular mix of live and screen entertainment. B. Marcus Priteca designed one of the most detailed decorative movie palace in Canada and has a unique demonstration of the 1920’s Spanish Baroque Revival architecture style. You will be in awe as you get to the entrances at 601 Smithe Street and 884 Granville Street. Just steps away from our hotel BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites & Conference Centre.


Stanley Park Pavilion

Right in the heart of the famous Stanley Park Rose Gardens, Since 1911 lies the oldest standing heritage building, the Stanley Park Pavilion. It is named as Vancouver’s outstanding Architectural gem.


Waterfall Building

Arthur Erickson’s The Waterfall building acts as an architectural landmark for the city since 2001. It’s lavish building structure features plenty of concrete, glass and open style lofts & courtyards.  It portrays itself as a sophisticated venue and is one of a kind in terms of modern architecture.

The Sun Tower

The Sun tower is undeniably a proud icon of Vancouver’s history since its inception in 1912. It is an architectural beauty of defined symmetry and highlighted with a bold green dome roof to the 17 floors building. Modern Vancouver appreciated this fascinating work of art.


Evergreen Building


This building illustrates the architect Arthur Erickson’s masterpieces. The building ties into his fundamental beliefs to incorporate nature with architecture. It is referred to an overflowing concrete garden. The face of the building is designed diagonally to offer great views of Stanley park and north shore Mountains. It is an Architectural beauty

So there you have it, our list of astonishing Architectural Gems across our city!

Let us know your favourite!

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