Pets Welcome!

We are so excited to welcome our four-legged friends to come enjoy the hosPETality at the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites and Conference Centre.

We invite you to bring your pet and enjoy the best of Vancouver together! Our hotel offers various pet amenities that will have tails wagging in no time!

 Friendly welcome for our Furry friends

Rufo relaxing in our lobby at check in

Rufo relaxing in our lobby at check in


Upon check in, our furry friends would receive a warm welcome with everything to make their stay a fun and enjoyable one!

• Designated pet friendly floor with 9 spacious suites to accommodate you and your pet.

• A concise informative pet friendly guide with 24hr veterinarians, day cares, grooming salons and dog parks around the city and much more!

• Delicious home-made treats that will leave your dog drooling with excitement at check in!

• Water bowls (on request)

• Comfy dog beds ( on request)

• Useful disposal pick-up bags

 Pet tips for a safe travel

Hit the road with your pet for a travel adventure:

• Feed your pet a light meal before travelling (at least four hours prior) and this can be followed by a nice long walk prior to prevent car sickness.

• Be sure to attach your pet’s leash before opening the car door to prevent accidental escapes.

• Refrain from allowing your pet to stick its head out the window in case of any sudden stops and debris which can cause injury.

• Ensure to schedule rest stops every two to four hours for exercise, bathroom and water breaks.

• If your pet’s not used to travelling use a harness as it will keep them calm and secure throughout the travel period.

• Don’t forget if you are crossing borders you should take along copies of any required documents such as proof of vaccinations.

• Due to sensitive hearing of dogs be sure to keep the car sound system to a moderate volume.

• Keep the car at a comfortable temperature using air conditioning or heat when necessary and remember to never leave your pet alone inside the vehicle, even with windows partially open as it only takes minutes for an animal to develop heatstroke or freeze.


Best Western the best pet friendly hotel chain!

Our Best Western brand ambassador, Cesar Milan demonstrates how well we welcome pets throughout our hotel chain!


As we have limited rooms, to reserve please contact the hotel directly at 1-800-663-0575 or email at res@chateaugranville.com . A daily rate of $20 per night is applied. For more information on our pet policy and pet friendly offerings we encourage you to visit our pet  friendly webpage.




Whatever your reason is for travelling, we can ensure that your furry friends will enjoy a relaxing, comfortable stay in our pet-friendly accommodation. So choose the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites and Conference Centre for an exceptional pet-friendly getaway.

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