Discover secret Vancouver –Off Grid Parks

Open grassy parks, lush vegetation and pure scenic beauty is what you will see when you visit Vancouver’ parks! Escape the city’s hustle and bustle and hop over to our list of off grid parks around our beautiful city!


Alexandra Park


Deep in the heart of beautiful downtown Vancouver lays Alexandra Park. It is a welcoming green space and the perfect place to relax and watch the sunset over English Bay. This little park was originally known as English Bay Park and was later renamed in 1911 after Queen Alexandra, Britain’s King Edward VII’s consort. The park is rather small but it is ideal if you are looking for a quieter spot to enjoy a summer day. The best kept secret is that you can experience lovely free entertainment with a variety of bands playing in the Haywood bandstand. It’s a great way to spend your Sunday during the summer.


Lighthouse Park


Lighthouse Park is an amazing park in Vancouver that boasts about the largest old growth forest in the Lower Mainland. It offers an unusual experience that allows you to walk through acres of first growth Douglas Fir trees. You will certainly enjoy this forest of dense vegetation and scenic walking trails.


Crab Park at Portside

Did you know there is 3.3 hectares of open grassy field in the heart of Downtown Vancouver? It was once referred to as “Lucklucky” which is the Native phrase for Grove of Beautiful Trees! Consider yourself, lucky to be able to visit this spectacular park which is one of the largest parks along the shores of the Burrard inlet. CRAB park is not named after the crawly creature but gets its name from an acronym ‘Create a Real Available Park’ which allows downtown residents the chance to experience and enjoy the views of nature.


Panorama Park

This park is located east of North Vancouver and is a sightseeing destination for most nature lovers. Panorama Park has 2.5 hectares of open green space with waterfront views. It’s a perfect park to sit back, relax and gaze at the boats, yachts and birds. You can also enjoy many activities taking place in the Deep Cove marina.


Whytecliff Park

Whytecliff Park is a 15 + hectares seaside park in West Vancouver near Horseshoe Bay. This is Canada’s first saltwater marine protected area. It is a child- friendly park with a playground and many picnic tables making it the perfect spot for a family picnic or barbecue. Once you get there you will appreciate the views of the aqua marine waters, birdsong and a variety of wildlife.


Just a short drive within our city you can experience nature at its best. As the weather warms up we find ourselves tempted to be outdoors and enjoy the great surroundings!

Let us know which park is your favourite, we would love to hear your feedback.



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