Green Housekeeping!

The BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites & Conference Centre believes that green initiatives should be on the forefront of our mission. Leaving behind little or no carbon footprint is a goal we strive to meet every day.  Our commitment to environmental practices is a spirit that runs in every department across the hotel.  Of all the operating departments in a hotel, the housekeeping department has the opportunity to make the biggest impact on a daily basis when it comes to being green.

We feature some of the many green initiatives, which our hard working housekeeping department practices daily.

We encourage recycling

Peter Zero waste ProgramOur guest rooms are equipped with recycle bins to allow guests to recycle newspapers, magazines, plastic and glass bottle. Our housekeeping team also conducts garbage segregation and recycling when cleaning the rooms and back of house.

Clean the World

earthday2The housekeeping department participates in the “Clean the World” program. It collects and recycles soap and bottles amenities that are discarded by our guests. It is then re-distributed and donated to homeless shelters both domestically and in developing nations. Since the implementation of “Clean the World” program, our hotel has recycled 779 soap bars, 64 lbs of recycled plastic and 232 lbs of waste has been collected.

Bath Amenities


We are proud to offer herbal bath amenities along with bio-degradable toilet paper and recyclable paper cups in all guest bathrooms. We also offer make up towels on request to reduce the usage of bleach in our washing process.

Linen and Towel Reuse Program

For guests who stay over for a longer period, we have appropriate signage to keep guests informed that their linen is changed every third day unless requested otherwise. We also encourage our guests to re-use their towels throughout their stay. Fresh towels are provided upon request.

Energy Saving Laundry Equipment

Electrolux W4240 H washers

Our housekeeping department is currently using the W4240 H washers. It is designed to effectively save water and energy. Our hotel has seen tremendous savings in the past year since its acquisition. All our laundry equipment is LEED (leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, and has achieved the Energy Star rating.

Electrolux IC 4 4832 flatwork ironer

This machine has proven to be economical as it is designed to finish linen directly from the washer-extractor, thus reducing the time, energy consumption, and extra handling required by tumble drying.

The  Aquanomics Program

Traditional Cycle

This program runs through Eco Lab and allows us to optimize our laundry process by combining the elements of low temperature and a smart wash process with reduced wash steps.  The Aquanomics program helps us to improve operational efficiency of our laundry by reducing our water and energy usage by up to 40%. Using the Aquanomic laundry products such as low temperature detergents and de-stainers help us to adopt a smart and efficient laundry operation.


Helpful Hints from the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville in maintaining a Green housekeeping operation!

• Develop a green policy and let your staff live and breathe your green initiatives.

• Constant and continuous staff training to ensure that the team is committed to your green objectives.

• Recycle everything possible

• Offer long term stay over guests, laundry service once every 3 days for towels & linen to avoid wastage of water and energy.

• Look into purchasing eco-friendly bath amenities.

• Highlight your green initiatives through signage around the hotel, on your website, check in pamphlet and guest directories. Show off your efforts!

• Make use of energy saving bulbs to help save electricity

• Evaluate how you can save through operational efficiency with your laundry products and equipment in order to seek a more eco-friendly housekeeping operation.


Our housekeeping department’s green initiatives have contributed immensely to achieve our green goals. We are very proud of our housekeeping team and their efforts to make us one of the greenest hotels in downtown Vancouver.

Let us know what initiatives you are taking on to be green! We would love to hear from you

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