5 tips for staying fit

Top 5 tips to get you ready for fall fitness 

As we move into fall and bid goodbye to an amazing summer, we tend to lose our motivation to stay on top of the fitness routine we followed this swim suit season!  Do not wait for New Year’s Day to start your fitness resolutions! With a new season ahead of us, fall is a time to rethink and continue your fitness efforts in order to stay fit for the upcoming holidays! Here are 5 tips for staying fit during fall season!

 1. Integrate exercise into your daily life to stay fit this fall season! 

Park your car further away from your destination to encourage yourself to take on more walking. Make a change and take the stairs instead of the elevators at work.Try going for a walk on your lunch break or take your brainstorming meetings outside weather permitting!

2.  Stay fit and exercise outdoors

We all enjoy the crisp air and the colours of autumn leaves. The changing fall foliage never fails to surprise and delight us. Walking, hiking and cycling can become a real treat, so take your exercise routine outdoors and discover nature’s beauty while working out.

 3. Adjusting to darkness

Try to keep your daily work-out schedule the same year–round!  So, when the alarm goes off in the morning and it’s darker and colder, don’t roll over and hit the snooze button. Set goals and stick to it!  Maintaining your active schedule will help you fight the absence of light and set you on your road to fitness success to stay fit this fall!

4.  Learn something new this fall

Take this season to learn something new!  For most families, fall is the start of a new school year, so why not take this opportunity to take on a new challenge.  Take a yoga class, join cultural activities around the city or get involved in social activities.  It is key to stay active this fall despite the falling temperatures and falling leaves!

5. Dress in layers

Exercising outdoors is a great idea, however as the weather gets chilly we suggest you dress in layers!  As you progress with your routine and once your blood gets pumping, you will surely feel overdressed; but not to worry as you planned ahead and can layer down!

Stay fit with the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville this fall season!

Even if you are on the road for business or pleasure, make sure you keep up with your routine!  At the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites & Conference Centre our vision is to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle for all of our guests.

5 tips for staying fit during fall season

Work out while enjoying the views of downtown Vancouver!

We believe fitness and travel go hand in hand! Come check out our recently completed state-of-the–art fitness centre offering a panoramic view of downtown Vancouver’s Granville Street from the second floor!  Our fitness centres redefines your standard hotel gym offering many fitness essentials and extras such as running maps, fresh towels and in room water fountains that maximize your fitness experience!

5 tips for staying fit during fall season

Spacious work out area for your Fitness pleasure

 You have to make the decision to get fit. When you commit to it, you’re making a contract with yourself.

Be the change you want to see in your life! Let us know what are your fitness plans this fall?  We would love to hear from you!

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