10 things you did not know about Vancouver!

The colourful city of Vancouver is a land like no other!

Vancouver has it all, from international flavour to natural beauty!  Some of us have lived here all our lives and some of us are still discovering the city.  Others are just around for a quick visit, but there maybe some things you didn’t know about our marvelous city.  Are you curious to find out?

Read on and you will discover 10 things you did not know about Vancouver!

1. The Marine Building was the Tallest Building in the British Empire

Located at 355 Burrard Street, it is renowned for its intricate details and was at one time was named the tallest building in the British Empire. It was built in 1930. The talented architects McCarter & Nairne are responsible for the beauty of this building with its terracotta tiled entrance, elaborate revolving doors, all themed in the colours of tinted sea-green and touched with gold.

2. The Lions Gate Bridge built by the Guinness Family

The bridge connecting downtown Vancouver with West Vancouver was originally built by the Guinness family.  They paid exactly $5,873,837.17 to build the bridge and sold it for that same amount to the city back in 1955.

3. We were the first to try McNuggets in Canada!

Did you know that the first time McNuggets were made on Canadian soil, it was in Richmond back in 1967?

4. Second Largest Port in North America

The city has Canada’s largest port and is one of North America’s major gateways for pan-pacific trade.  Coming second to New York, Vancouver is the largest port of North-America, in both tonnage & physical size.  Vancouver is also famous around the World for being a major cruise ship port.  In fact, the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville hotel is ideally located in the heart of downtown Vancouver a few blocks from the Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal. Our One night pre or post cruise package is ideal if you are planning to set sail in Vancouver!

5. The Largest Retractable Roof in the World!

The retractable roof over BC Place in downtown Vancouver is truly a technological marvel.  The largest in the world, it offers over 7,500 square metres of sky and has created a year-round facility for world class events in beautiful British Columbia.

6. Largest LGBTQ+ Community in Western Canada

10 things you did not know about Vancouver!

Vancouver’s Vibrant Pride Parade photo credits: Tourism Vancouver Michael Song

Vancouver is home to the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community in Western Canada.  We showcase every year one of the largest Pride Parade in the world.  The LGBTQ community is a significant presence throughout Vancouver, centred along Davie Street in the West End.

7. Stanley Park is Bigger than Central Park

Vancouver’s largest (and most popular) public park is 1001 acres big, making it 10% bigger than New York City’s Central Park.  Stanley Park, Vancouver’s green jewel, was named top park in TripAdvisor’s 2014 Travelers’ Choice Awards, beating out heavyweights like New York’s Central Park and Paris’ Luxembourg Gardens.

8. Love the California Roll? It was invented in Vancouver!

Hidekazu Tojo, a British Columbian Hall of Fame Chef, is the inventor of the California roll. Who knew something so yummy was from our very own city!

9. World’s Longest Cable-Supported Transit-Only Bridge

Are you a frequent rider of the SkyTrain and cross the Fraser River daily?  You should know that you are travelling on a span which has a total length of 616 metres (2,021 ft),making it the longest cable-supported transit-only bridge in the World; the Skybridge!

10. One of the few Downtown areas without a Freeway!

We are one of the few downtown neighbourhoods in North America to be freeway free! Aren’t we a great a city to live in?

So there you have it!  Vancouver is actually much cooler than you thought!  If you know of any interesting facts about Vancouver, we would love to hear about it!

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