10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Meeting

Planning & Structuring Effective Meetings

First time planning a meeting? No problem, we have years of event planning under our belts! It is certainly no easy task to plan a meeting, here are 10 tips for planning the perfect meeting! It will get you through the stress of planning your next meeting!

 1. What type of meeting/event are you planning?

10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Meeting

Events in different shapes and forms

Meetings can take many shapes and forms such as a full day meetings, half day meetings, interactive sessions, team building sessions, training, workshops, and luncheon networking events. Once you have decided on the type of event you would like to host, it will certainly pave a clearer path for the rest of your planning.

2. Who should attend?

10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Meeting

Next, determine who is your audience? For most meetings and events your audience can be your employees, industry professionals or even family and friends. Knowing your audience will assist you in planning a productive event.

3. Choose the right destination and venue

10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Meeting

Choose a venue that will meet your meeting expectations

Most attendees appreciate when a venue is selected based on a central location and in close proximity to public transportation.When it is hosted in a desirable area this often reflects the energy and excitement you would like to generate for your event. So choose your venue wisely. Meetings, trainings and luncheons can be a great break from your attendees usual routine, so the venue should be an attractive and productive one.

The BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites & Conference Centre has a specially designated team to handle events.The conference centre has four well- appointed conference rooms that can accommodate events from 2 to 200 people.The Edge Social Grille & Lounge (our on-site restaurant) also has two social rooms which are used for many formal and informal events.

4. Room set up

10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Meeting

Classroom set up in the Granville Room

Choosing the correct set up for your meeting is vital for the comfort and interactive participation of your attendees. The following seating styles are just some examples that you can choose from when you are planning a meeting.

seating (1)

The BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites & Conference Centre can accommodate all of the above mentioned seating configurations as well as banquet rounds and a stand up reception.

Do not forget to organize your audio visual requirements such as microphones, projectors, on site screen, flip charts and podium.The Chateau Granville team can take care of these arrangements for you in our state-of-the-art conference centre.

You can also add flavour to the ambience of your event with table décor, lighting and much more. Be sure to ask our catering department for more innovative options.

5. Prepare yourself for the event ahead

10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Meeting

Be prepared!

If you have a heavy day scheduled, it is important that you make an agenda with timelines to ensure that you are not rushing towards the end of the session. Always keep to time, be prepared with your presentation and ensure you have adequate handouts and stationary for the group.

6. Allow time to take a breather!

10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Meeting

Time for a Break?

Regular breaks in between sessions are essential to enhance productivity. It also allows attendees the chance to network.

7. The power of food

10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Meeting

Delicious finger foods made at the Chateau Granville

Selecting the right food will help enhance the atmosphere and energy for the work ahead. In order to keep all taste buds happy, be sure to select a good variety of menu items (hot and cold menu items). The breakfast, lunch or dinner breaks are indeed a chance for people to network. Try to avoid messy dishes to facilitate networking. Our meeting planner package is a great package to take advantage as it offers all your meeting requirements in one simple package for one price. Our catering menu also provides a great variety of vibrant menu options for you to choose from.

8. Incorporate a Contest

10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Meeting

Get the group involved !

Make your meeting sessions fun and interactive. Creating a contest throughout the meeting also helps to motivate the attendees to get competitive and be involved in the content you plan for the day. Rewarding your participants with candy bars or collaterals such as key chains, flash drives will encourage participation and create fun and excitement throughout the day.

9. Go Green Meetings!

10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Meeting

Green Meetings is the way to go!

Look for a green meeting space that will support your goal of having a more environmentally – conscious meeting! Our hotel is proud to be certified a 4 Green key meetings property.We provide sustainable meeting operations by minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Our meeting rooms brag of natural light which minimizes our consumption of electricity. We also strive towards a zero waste policy.

10. Encourage Feedback 

10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Meeting

Feedback will only make you stronger

It is imperative to get the feedback from your participants. Learning from your audience is the best way to gauge how well your meeting went. It is advisable to have an open forum for question and feedback. Another way to get your audiences participation is through a feedback form. Feedback forms ensure that constructive criticism is also shared for the participants less willing to speak in an open forum.


Great  ideas can multiply in the right environment. At the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville Hotel & suites & Conference centre, we are pleased to offer a number of meeting rooms that provide an ideal setting  Come discover our conference centre. It’s the perfect venue for your next board meeting, product launch or private party.

Feel free to contact our catering department who  will be happy to assist you with your meeting requirements.

We are your downtown Vancouver meeting solution, our team is ready to be at your service!


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