Dine out Vancouver 2015

Tastiest time to visit Vancouver

Canada’s largest food & drink festival is here! Be prepared for a unique culinary experience as Vancouver’s top restaurants showcase their extravagant three course menus over the next 17 days, (January 16th – February 1st 2015.) Whatever your craving is, the Dine Out Vancouver festival will satisfy it!

Dine Out Vancouver – How it all began

Dine out Vancouver 2015

The first dine out Vancouver was hosted by Tourism Vancouver back in 2002 and was primarily a promotional event for Vancouver’s restaurants. Since then it has evolved into one of Vancouver’s main festivals for locals & tourists looking to enjoy an unusual culinary experience.

Dine Out Events around Vancouver

Dine out Vancouver 2015

Discover Dine out Events around Vancouver!

There are a variety of exciting events associated with the Dine out Vancouver festival, offering unlimited ways to enjoy the flavours of Vancouver’s best restaurants.Click here and discover the different event taking place around the city during dine out 2015.

The Edge Social Grille & Lounge – Dine Out Menu 2015

Dine out Vancouver 2015

Try one of our starters- Pulled pork and kimchi dumplings , sweet soy, bean sprouts and scallions

If you are looking for a delicious dining experience, Visit the Edge Social Grille & Lounge and try our Dine out menu!  Our Asian inspired menu is a delectable three course menu priced at $28 and is complimented with a BC VQA wine pairing.

Dine out Vancouver 2015

Our culinary experts at the Edge Social Grille & Lounge have worked hard to offer you the perfect menu from starters to desserts! Book your table online through OpenTable, and enjoy our feature Dine Out menu.

pulled pork and kimchi dumplings , sweet soy, bean sprouts and scallions

Mains- Marin and soy steel head,asparagus, bean sprouts, miso rice pilaf

 Take the Elevator Home

Dine Out Vancouver 2015

Take the elevator home! Unwind after an eventful evening in our suites!

After a night out in the town wouldn’t it be ideal to take the elevator home? Enjoy our spacious luxurious suites overlooking downtown Vancouver and take advantage of our special dine & stay package.

Our menu has the perfect fusion and flavour to tickle your taste buds throughout your dining experience. Join us in celebrating Vancouver’s amazing culinary scene during this most delicious time of the year!

See you at Dine out 2015!

Happy Dining!

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