5 Mistakes People Make When Visiting Vancouver

The DO NOT’s for your Vancouver Vacation!

Planning for a vacation is an amazing feeling while at the same time it is also a daunting task. It’s common to make a few careless mistakes when traveling and exploring a new city but why leave room for it? Plan and ahead and check out our list of 5 Mistakes People Make When Visiting Vancouver!

1.Choosing a Hotel

5 Mistakes People Make When Visiting Vancouver

Chateau Granville- Located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver

Most visitors often underestimate the location of a hotel from the city centre. Choosing a hotel in downtown Vancouver can give you access to all the city’s attractions, shopping, restaurants, nightlife and public transportation. Staying out in the suburbs means spending money and time on transportation. Use the time you saved to explore the city and maximise your experience in Vancouver. Selecting a reliable hotel chain will alleviate any nightmares you may have of checking into a hotel that will not meet your standards. Staying at the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites & Conference Centre, you are assured a clean, comfortable and central place to stay in downtown Vancouver.

2.Trying to do too much in one Trip

5 Mistakes People Make When Visiting Vancouver

Photo Credits: Cycle City Tours

There is so much to do and see in Vancouver! Museums, hiking trails, boat rides…and the list goes on! It is almost impossible to see all of Vancouver’s attractions in one trip. Most people try to jam-pack their holiday with multiple activities and they do not have the time to really experience the city for what it is. We advise that you always plan for some down time to explore the city. Seeing the city via strolls and serendipity can be an invaluable experience!

3.Not Planning Ahead

5 Mistakes People Make When Visiting Vancouver

Photo Credits: Collegedegrees360- Flickr

Before you plan your vacation activities that others insist you’ll enjoy, sit down and think hard about what you want your trip to be, then follow your own itinerary. Many people plan the trip they think they ought to want, rather than the trip they actually want. Our concierge is available in our hotel to assist you with your plans.We encourage you to do your research and prioritize what your interests are. Make a bucket list of what you would like to explore in the city and then attack! It’s your trip, your experience!

4.Over Packing the Wrong Clothing

5 Mistakes People Make When Visiting Vancouver

Photo Credits: Slkeri Flickr

Hauling around your old winter jacket all summer long because you might need it or taking 15 of your favourite shirts, or 4 different pairs of shoes means, you are just wasting precious space in your luggage! Space which you could have used for souvenirs or some local shopping. Be smart. Check the weather forecast and take what you need! Here is a list of items you can leave behind!

5.Avoiding Locals

5 Mistakes People Make When Visiting Vancouver

Explore Vancouver’s Food Truck Culture

Vancouverites can be hospitable, friendly, warm, welcoming and they are always willing to help out a tourist with any questions they may have. Locals give you a unique look into life through their eyes and they often have great recommendations of hidden attractions or local restaurants and great information on Vancouver’s famous food carts. Do not be afraid to connect with the locals, you will be surprised how much their input will affect your stay to Vancouver!

Travelling is a learning curve. sometimes you get it right, sometimes you don’t.

Hopefully these tips will assist you in planning your next trip to Vancouver, so you can avoid these 5 Mistakes People Make When Visiting Vancouver!

Happy Travels!

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