10 Tips for Packing for your Weekend Getaway

Trying to organize your packing for your weekend break, we hope our 10 Tips for Packing for your Weekend Getaway help!

You have booked your weekend getaway, you have got someone in to watch the house, take the kids, feed your cat, all the planning is complete. All that is left to do now is pack! Packing for a weekend break can be challenging, trying to decide what essentials to bring. Here are 10 tips for packing for your weekend getaway.

Check the weather

Plan ahead and check what the weather will be like for the duration of your visit. If your chosen destination is one where the sun will be shining, you can bring light clothing. Should the forecast look like rain, you can wear your waterproof boots instead of them taking unnecessary space in your suitcase.


Pack your clothes correctly, by rolling! Rolling reduces wrinkling and saves space in your suitcase! The next time you are packing make sure you roll instead of fold.

10 Tips for Packing for your Weekend Getaway

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Ring ahead

Call the hotel and check if they have a hair dryer, so that you don’t need to pack this bulky item. You can also check what other amenities they provide in the bathroom, some hotels may provide toothpaste and shower caps so it is worth giving the hotel a call. It may be beneficial to see if the hotel offers a guest laundry and dry cleaning service. At the BEST WESTERN PLUS Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites & Conference Centre, we offer out guests a variety of amenities from toothpaste to make-up remover to shaving cream and razors. Just ask the front desk at check in!

Small Travel Containers

Us ladies we have so many lotions and potions that we need, avoid bringing the bulky containers and transfer them in to smaller containers. These small containers can be placed in a zip lock bag to ensure they don’t spill. If you don’t have any reusable containers, you can always buy the travel size products. My favourite container is an atomizer, the perfect container if you don’t want to bring your large bottle of perfume, plus it is the perfect size for your handbag!

10 Tips for Packing for your Weekend Getaway

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Be sensible

Pack for the occasion, if you are going to tour a new city bring your comfortable walking shoes and comfortable clothes. If it is a winter break, bring the necessary clothing for the weather. Plan your weekend and then plan your clothing around your weekend activities.

Downsize your makeup bag

Is your day to day make up bag overflowing with a number of different foundations, eye shadows, make up brushes? Do you need all these products for a weekend break? Select the products you need for the weekend and seal them in a zip lock bag. The added benefit of the bag, is that your products won’t leak.


If you are going on a sun break, do not over estimate the value of the sarong, it has multiple uses. A sarong can be used as a towel, blanket, a wrap to protect you during the day, a scarf to keep the evening chill at bay.  You can even use the sarong as a bag, if you fold it correctly. The options are endless.

10 Tips for Packing for your Weekend Getaway

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Oversized handbag

If you have packed your weekend bag and you still need more space, you can always opt for an oversized handbag to put your extra items in it. If you choose to go down this option, bring a little bag with you also as you don’t want to carry your large bag with you while you are out and about sightseeing.

Shoe space

Packing an additional pair of shoes? Make sure you fill your shoes, as this is an essential space for placing your smaller items. Stuff your socks and products that won’t burst, you will be surprised the amount of items you can hide away in your shoes.

10 Tips for Packing for your Weekend Getaway

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Don’t Panic

If you forget something, remember you can always buy it. If you didn’t pack your toothbrush, razor or other small essentials check with the hotel first before you purchase the item, as they often have these products available at the front desk for their guests.

If you are considering Vancouver for a weekend break, take a look at our specials and packages we are conventionally located in downtown Vancouver within walking distance to many of the cities attractions.

We hope these tips help you pack for your next weekend break, feel free to share your packing tips with us, we would love to hear them!

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