Top 10 Questions to Ask when Selecting a Venue

What to ask before selecting your Venue!

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Are you looking to book a meeting? Do you want to ensure the meeting proceeds without any issues? Make sure you are asking all the right questions before you book your venue.

We have outlined the top 10 questions to ask when selecting a venue! We hope these questions will assist you in choosing the perfect location for your next meeting!


The first step is to determine the number of people at your event. It is important to have a rough idea of the number of attendees that will be attending, prior to booking your venue. Make sure that the venue you choose seats all your guests comfortably.You may also need to consider if you require additional space in the meeting room for a different set up such as a stage or a head table. Maybe you need to have an adjoining meeting room for demonstrations, exhibits, team building activities or networking before or after the event. Be sure to ask all these questions when choosing your potential location for your meeting.

Top 10 questions to ask when selecting a Venue

Top 10 questions to ask when selecting a Venue


Outline your budget with the event organizer. Ensure the organizer is aware of your spend. Clarify what your budget covers, is it just for room rental or will your spend also include food and beverage? Ask your event organizers about different packages that they can offer. At the Best Western Plus Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites & Conference Centre, we offer a special meeting planner package which includes, breakfast, morning break, lunch, afternoon break, audio visual and room rental charges.


Is it a requirement for the proposed venue to have universal access? Will you require any other special requirements? If the meeting rooms are not on the first floor ensure that the venue has an elevator. Will the venue have suitable on-site parking for those requiring wheelchair parking?

4.Seating Arrangements

The type of meeting and the number of attendees that you will have will play a large part on your seating arrangements. Are you holding a directors meeting, the most suitable set up would be hollow or board meeting style, depending on the number of attendees. Discuss your needs with your event organizer and they will be able to recommend the most suitable seating arrangements for you.


5.Location & Parking

It is essential that the location of your meeting is central and easily accessible by car or public transport. In the event that your attendees will be driving ensure that your chosen location has either on site secure parking or sufficient parking near the venue. The Best Western Plus Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites & Conference Centre is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver and has a great location! Situated a few blocks away from the Canada Line & Expo /Millennium Line Sky train station. There are also plenty of public transit buses running right on Granville Street. Parking is also offered at a discounted rate if you host your meeting with the hotel!


Always keep your event organizer informed on any assistance that is required prior to your event. Do you need assistance with your set up? Do you require the help of the hotel staff to help you to settle in prior to you meeting.You may need the assistance of a concierge if you have a lot of training material or equipment that needs to be brought to your meeting.

7.Food & Beverages

Will your meeting be a full day or half day meeting? Will you be requiring food and beverages during the meeting? The timing of the meeting will play a role in what food and beverages are necessary. During a meeting several breaks are taken such as breakfast , morning break, lunch break and an afternoon break, evening reception etc. Should you be providing food and beverages to your attendees you will need to decide which menus you would like to offer, whether it will be hot or cold or buffet style. The catering manger will be able to assist you with this. In the event, that you are not providing food during the meeting, ask your event organizer if there is a restaurant on-site or near your location for your attendees to grab a bite to eat in between breaks.

Top 10 Questions to ask when selecting a venue

Food and Beverages


What requirements do you need for the meeting? Do you require WiFi, Projector, Screen, Audio Visual, Pens, Paper, flip chart? Whatever your requirements are, make sure you coordinate these request with your event organizer. You should also check if there is an additional charge for any of the items you may require.  Does the selected venue have a business centre in the event that you may need any last minute printing or photocopying?

9.Green specifications

Does sustainability play a role when selecting a venue for your meeting? Do you look for Green Key Meeting approved venues when you look for your event space? Is this a factor for you and your attendees?


Guest Room

Are some of your guests from out of town, will they be requiring accommodation? Does your selected venue have accommodation at the venue or will you need to provide a list of suitable accommodation near the meeting venue.    

We hope the above questions are of some benefit when you are selecting your next venue. What are the main elements you look for when selecting a venue? We would love to hear from you!

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