How to be Green on Vacation

Stay Green while on Vacation!

Watching your carbon footprint while on vacation can be a difficult task. We have listed 10 tips on how to be Green on Vacation. Some of these tips are applicable before you even go on your vacation! We hope these 10 tips will benefit you in planning your next green vacation.

1. Travel Light

The less you take the less weight the plane, car, train will have to carry, which in turn reduces the fuel consumption. The less fuel consumed by your chosen mode of transport the more beneficial it will be to the environment.

How to be Green on Vacation

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2. Unplug 

Before you leave the house ensure all appliances have been unplugged, this will not only help with the environment but will also help reduce your energy bill. Unplugging appliances is not just for when you go away but you should unplug all your appliances when they are not in use.

3. Remove Packaging

Remove unnecessary packing on any of the products you are taking with you prior to travelling. This will enable you to dispose of the packaging correctly at home, in the event that you can not dispose of it correctly at your final destination.

4. Reusable Bottle

Take your reusable bottle with you when you go on vacation.  It is handy to keep the bottle with you when you are out and about exploring your chosen destination. By using your reusable bottle it will greatly help the environment.

How to be Green on Vacation

5. Reusable Bag

Instead of using the retailers bag when you make a purchase, use your own reusable bag. Recyclable bags are the perfect accessory to take with you in your handbag as they can be folded away neatly in to the smallest of spaces!

6. Stay in a Green Friendly Accommodation 

When deciding upon where you are going to stay, look for a hotel that is green. Carry out your research and see what green initiatives they have in place to reduce their carbon footprint.

How to be Green on Vacation

Best Western Plus Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites

7. Lights and Air Conditioning 

On leaving your room ensure you turn off the lights and air conditioning. The same goes for when a room is not in use, ensure all lights and air conditioning are turned off.

8. Transport 

When touring around the city use public transport as much as possible to get to your destination. it will give you the change to really experience the city like a local!

9. Sightseeing

Look at different options on how to explore your vacation destination. You may be able to see the place by signing up to a guided bike tour or renting your own bike and a map. Many citiy destinations now also offer walking tours. Should you be staying in a hotel, ask the concierge for recommendations on how best to explore the city.

How to be Green on Vacation

Photo Credit – Lars Plougmann – Flickr

10. Rentals 

Do you need to rent a car when you are on vacation consider renting a hybrid or a small car, as these are more environmental friendly.

We hope these tips are of some benefit to help you stay green while on vacation! What are your green tips for when you are travelling? We would love to hear your tips!


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