10 Things to do this summer in Vancouver

Are you coming to Vancouver this summer?

There’s a number of organized events happening in and around the city. Our diverse city has something for everyone, here is a list of 10 things to do during the summer in Vancouver. We have provided a great mix of events and activities to keep you entertained.

1. Grouse Grind

For the more active traveler why not attack Grouse Grind, a 2.9 kilometer trail up the face of Grouse Mountain, often referred to as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster.” The grind comprises of a total of 2,830 stairs in total. Once you reach the top you are greeted with breadth taking views of Vancouver. You will be glad to know that you can take the Skyride down for only $10.


Photo Credit -C Pirate-Flickr

2. Vancouver TD Jazz Festival

Are you a Jazz fan? If so, then the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival is a must! The festival runs from June 24-July 3. This festival is held throughout Vancouver in a number of venues.

3.Celebration of Lights

The 2016 Honda Celebration of lights is a spectacular display of fireworks that happens over English Bay at 10pm over three nights, Saturday July 23rd, Wednesday July 27th and Saturday July 30th Each night represents a different country, Netherlands on Saturday, followed by Australia and USA, Disney will close the celebrations.

10 things to do this summer in Vancouver

Photo Credit – Jorgen Kesseler -Flickr

4. Harbour Cruise

Take a break from strolling around the city and jump on board a number of the different harbour tours Vancouver has to offer. Drift along the Burrard lnlet and get up close to many of Vancouver’s famous landmarks. Many of the harbour cruises have dining options that you can partake in.

5. Seaplane

Looking for something a little different, get a better view of the city by seeing it from the air! Vancouver’s sea planes offer a variety of tours around the city or you can even take a trip further afield to such places as Whistler or Victoria.

10 things to do this Summer in Vancouver

Photo Credit-NGader- Flickr

6. Bard on the Beach

Looking for some Shakespeare over the summer months, watch many of Shakespeare’s performances in a unique setting on the waterfront in Vancouver’s Vanier Park. The Bard on the Beach festival runs from June until September.

7. Vancouver Pride Parade

The 37th annual Vancouver Pride parade will hit the streets of Vancouver on Sunday, July 31st. This colorful event is the largest parade of its kind in Western Canada. The parade starts at 12 noon, at Robson Street and Thurlow Street, the parade heads west down Robson to Denman Street, follows Denman to Pacific and Beach Avenues and finishes at the Sunset Beach Festival site.

8. Americas Master Games

Be captivated by the world of sports and participate or watch the Masters Games which runs for a period of nine days, August 26th to September 4th. The games are about promoting an active and healthy lifestyle by encouraging any and all participants aged 30 to 100+ to continue to strive towards sporting success, and have fun in the process. View their websites to see all the sports that are taking part during the nine days of the games.

10 things to do this Summer in Vancouver

Photo Credit: Tobias4242-Flickr

9. Cycle Tours

Cover the city by bicycle! Rent a bike and take a cycle through Stanley Park, around the city and don’t forget to take a spin along the seawall, you will be in aw of the spectuclar scenery that Vancovuer has to offer.

10. Beaches & Outdoor Pools

Looking to relax and catch some summer rays? There are a number of beaches in and around the city, don’t want to hit the beach you can take advantage of the many outdoor swimming pools located in Kitsilano or in Stanley park.

10 things to do this summer in Vancouver

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10 things to do this summer in Vancouver

We hope you enjoyed these suggestions, already been to Vancouver what was your favorite activity or place of interest, we would love to hear.

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