Our 10 Green Initiatives

We are a Green Hotel, read our 10 Green Initiatives that we have participated in to make us Green!

We are very proud to inform people that we are a Green Hotel. Throughout the years we have done a number of updates and changes to our hotel to ensure we are improving our carbon footprint. Keeping green and staying green is a team effort and involves the assistance of all our employees and different departments.

Here are our 10 Green Initiatives:

  1. Doubled Pained Windows

We recently updated all the windows in our hotel to double pane windows in order to reduce any noise pollution along with reducing the time to heat and cool guest rooms.

Our 10 Green Initiatives

  1. Motion Sensored Thermostats

We have installed Energex motion sensored thermostats to help manage the energy usage in the room.

  1. LED Lights

We have updated all our light bulbs to LED. LED lights are environmentally friendly as they have a longer life span and have no toxic elements.

  1. Paint

We have painted the outside of our hotel with eco-friendly paint.

Our 10 Green Initiatives

  1. Housekeeping

Our housekeeping team use eco-friendly laundry products, washer and dryers to ensure that the bed linen and towels are being washed in the most eco-friendly manner possible.

  1. Long Stay Guest

We have an option in the room for our long stay guest in regard to the changing of their linen and their bath towels.  The guest have an option to have their linen changed every third day and also are given the option to re-use their towels instead of being replaced daily.

  1. Bath Amenities

In our guest bathrooms we offer herbal bath amenities along with bio-degradable toilet paper.

Our 10 Green Initiatives

  1. Bidet Toilets

Our Executive King rooms have bidet toilets installed, these toilets are less stressful on the environment.

  1. Recycling

We have recycling bins in each office in our hotel. We encourage all our employees to recycle their materials accordingly.

  1. The Edge Social Grille & Lounge

Our green initiatives also extend to our on-site kitchen, The Edge Social Grille & Lounge. We are part of the Ocean wise program.  Ocean Wise makes it easy for consumers to make sustainable seafood choices. Our kitchen is active in composting, our hotel has adopted a zero waste food program which contributes to our eco-friendly plan.

Our 10 Green Initiatives

The above are just some of the initiatives that we have carried out in the hotel. We will continue to roll out more green initiatives during the year to ensure we are continuously reducing our carbon footprint.


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