Kids Activities in Vancouver

Looking for some fun kids activities in Vancouver, read our suggestions.

Vancouver is a destination for all the family and kids of all ages! No matter what the weather is like our city has plenty to keep your family entertained.

Here are some suggestions on kids activities in Vancouver that you can do on your next trip!

  1. Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver aquarium is such a fun place to spend the day with kids of all ages. There is so much to do between learning about the different marine wildlife and even getting to touch many different animals in the Discover Rays touch pool. They have an array of shows on during the day, such as Belugas and Porpoises show, Dolphins show, story time, trainer talks and more!


Kids Activities in Vancouver

Vancouver Aquarium – Sea Otters

  1. Science World

Open your kids mind to the world of science. Science World has it’s own dedicated kidspace area! There is a number of things your kids can do from shoot water targets and run on the energy wheel, play with puzzles, watch a science show or go outside and exlpore the science park. These are just some of the many activities that they can partake in.

Kids Activities in Vancouver

Photo Credit : Chris Hutchcroft – Flickr

  1. Beaches/Outdoor Pools

There is so many beaches and outdoor pools dotted around Vancouver many of which are within walking distance of the city centre or can be reached by public transport. The closet to our hotel is Sunset beach which is located close to the West End and downtown Vancouver. Other beaches are located in both the West End and Kitsilano beach. The outdoor salt water pool at Kitsilano is the longest swimming pool in Canada.

Kids Activities in Vancouver

  1. Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a great place for kids to run around and burn off all that energy and the perfect spot for picnics. There is many walking and cycling routes in the park and along the seawall. The park has a number of different walking trails. There is a number of playgrounds for the kids to play in, giving you the opportunity to sit back and relax.

Kids Activities in Vancouver

  1. Granville Islands Kids Market

The kids market is located near the entrance to Granville Island and has over 25 shops, services and activities for children and their families. Once you have visited the kids market there is plenty of places on Granville Island to stop and have a bite to eat.


Kids Activities in Vancouver

Photo Credit : Ruocaled – Flickr

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