Stay Green While staying with us

Are you looking for ideas on how to stay green while staying with us? Read our post for tips.

We are a green hotel and we have a number of green initiatives in place to help reduce our carbon footprint. Should you be a guest at our hotel and would like to stay green while staying with us, read our tips below!

1.Unplug when not in use

If you are not using an item in your room such as the hairdryer or the bedside lamp unplug the item when it is not in use. This also applies when you are leaving your home for a few days to go on your vacation, make sure all appliances have been unplugged.

2.Open the curtains/blinds

Switch off the lights and let the natural light in to the room by opening the curtains or blinds.

Stay Green While staying with us

Queen Superior View Room

3.Long term Guest 

Should you be staying in the hotel for more than three nights, you can request that  housekeeping those not replace your towels and linen on a daily basis.

4.Take a shower not bath

Instead of opting for a bath take a shower, as it uses less water it is more environmentally friendly. Should you be staying in your Executive King Room take advantage of our luxurious rain shower.

Stay Green While staying with us

Shower in King Executive Bathroom


Use the recycling bins that are provided in the room. If you have items that you are unable to recycle in the bin provided you can leave your items with the front desk and we can recycle your items accordingly.

6.Turn off

When you leave the room turn off the lights and TV when you leave to explore our beautiful city!

7.Adjust Thermostat

Adjust the temperature in your room, especially if you will be leaving for the day.

Stay Green While staying with us

Photo credit: Kevmann16 – Flickr


8.Bring your own water container

Bring your own water container and refill your water container before heading out for the day. This will save you constantly having to buy plastic bottles.


Stay Green While staying with us

Reusable Water bottle

9.Bring your own tote bag

Bring a tote bag with you when you are browsing our beautiful city, should you make a purchase you can always put your items in your personal bag instead of opting for a store bag.

10.Leave behind the amenities you don’t use or need

Should the amenities be half empty feel free to leave them beyond as we are partnered with Clean the World.  Clean the World Foundation, collects and recycle soap and bottles amenities discarded by the hospitality industry. The soap and other products are then re-distributed and donated to domestic homeless shelters and impoverished countries, helping to prevent thousands of hygiene-related deaths worldwide.

Stay Green While staying with us

Guest amenities in our rooms

How do you stay green when on vacation share your tips with us. We would love to hear them!

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