10 Tips for Travelling with Kids

It’s that time of year when many families are getting ready for their annual family trip before they head back to school!

Read our 10 tips for travelling with kids.

1. Snacks

Pack your kids favorite snacks. Snacks are a great distractions and by having them, will prevent you having to make unnecessary stops during your trip.

10 Tips for Travelling with Kids

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2. Clothing

If you are taking a longer journey with the kids make sure their clothes are comfortable for the journey. Have a spare set of clothes close by in the event that you have to change their clothes quickly.

3. Favorite Teddy

Don’t forget their favorite teddy or blanket! Bringing their favorite teddy will make travelling more pleasant, especially if they need their teddy for bed time.

10 tips for travelling with kids

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4. Games

Keep the kids entertained while travelling and ensure you have sufficient games. If you are flying and don’t have the space to bring many games, you can always download some child friendly apps.

5. Time

Give yourself plenty of time so that you can factor in toilet breaks, time for them to explore, and other distractions.

10 tips for Travelling with Kids

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6. Tissues & Baby Wipes

No matter how hard you try, a spill often can’t be avoided, be prepared for any spillages and have some tissues and baby wipes close at hand!

10 tips for travelling with Kids

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7. Medicine

Do your kids require specific medicine, ensure that the medicine is located close at hand such as in your handbag so that you are aware of where it is in an event of an emergency.

8. Plan ahead

Should you be staying in a hotel plan ahead and request a cot. Should you have any other requirements ring ahead and see if your requests can be accommodated.

9. Bring a camera

Take your camera with you so that you can treasure these memories for years to come.

10 tips for travelling with kids

10. Research your holiday

Make your travelling easier and more enjoyable by planning ahead and researching your destination. See what activities you and your kids can do and if they are suitable. Can you purchase your tickets ahead of time in order to avoid any queues?  Those your destination have any kid specific activities or kids clubs that you can enroll your kids in? The more research you can do the more enjoyable the trip will be!

We hope these tips help you have a stress free family holiday! Share your tips with us.


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