Benefits to Holding a Meeting Off Site

Have a meeting coming up and considering whether to hold the meeting in house or off site? Here are some benefits to holding a meeting off site:

1. Better Facilities

You may require audio visual equipment, podiums or even a stage, should you not have the necessary equipment in house you will need to hire them in. Avoid the hassle of shopping around for the best hire company for this equipment and look for a meeting room that has this equipment in house.

Benefits to holding a meeting off site

2. Larger Space

You may require a large room, pending on the type of meeting you are holding. Do you require extra space for team building activities, networking prior to or after your meeting, require additional space for a new product demonstration or even space for a coffee station? Book a meeting room that is large enough to cater for your requirements. We specialize in events from 2 to 200. All of our meeting rooms enjoy natural light and each is equipped with complimentary high speed Internet.

Benefits to Holding a Meeting Off Site

Granville Meeting room – Hollow square set up

3. Change of Scenery

Looking to motivate your team or help inspire new ideas, a change of scenery may encourage your team to be more creative. New space may help bring new ideas!

4. Avoid distractions

It is easy to get distracted should your meeting be held in house, staff members may knock on the door, attendees of the meeting may step out for coffee and get distracted by other members in the office. These distractions can easily be avoided by taking the meeting off-site.

5. Time

Your time as the organizer is precious between organizing the meeting, setting the agenda, getting course materials ready, ensure the meeting invites are issued etc. There are so many items you need to organize prior to the meeting. Booking a meeting space you can leave the set up and catering arrangements to the catering manager giving you more time to concentrate on preparing for the meeting.

To learn more about how we can help make your downtown Vancouver meeting memorable, contact our catering department at (604) 633-2062 or fill out a Request for Proposal and our team will get back to you right away.

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