What it takes to be a Green Hotel

What it takes to be a Green Hotel

Do you every wonder what it takes to be a green hotel? Read our blog and see!

  1. Staff Involvement

Being green requires involvement from each department. It is important that all our staff are aware of our green ways, goals and achievements.  We encourage each department to set goals and share their achievements with all the staff. We urge our team to not only be green at work but also practice these green initiatives at home, when possible.

What it takes to be a Green Hotel

  1. Training

Keeping our staff informed and up to date with all the new procedures and processes is vital. It is easier to reach a common goal, when all our team are aware of our goals. Remind our team on a regular basis to be practical and consider the environment in their daily tasks. We encourage our team to look for environmental friendly ways to complete their tasks. In our training we also provide recommendations on how to be green outside of work.


What it takes to be a Green Hotel

  1. Informed

Keeping our guests, staff and the general public updated on our initiatives through our website and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Ensure we mark our achievement and share with everyone when our targets have been met.

  1. Guest Participation

Upon check-in we inform our guest of our Eco-Stay program that we are involved in and how their contribution can assist in energy saving and emission reducing projects. We remind our guest to consider the environment during their stay such as requesting that lights are turned off when leaving and to recycle when possible. We are more than happy to take items at the front desk that you are unable to recycle.  For our long stay guest we provide them with an option on how frequent they would like their bed linen and towels changed.

What it takes to be a Green Hotel

  1. Environmental Associations 

Advice and guidance from the experts. We are members of many associations such as Green Key, EcoStay and Green Tourism. Our membership with these associations help us keep on track of our green ways and overcome any challenges we may have.

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