Santa Claus Parade

Santa Claus Parade is coming to Town!

Will you be in town on Sunday, December 4th if so the Santa Clause Parade will be taking over the streets of Vancouver. This parade is a great day out for all of the family. This year marks the 13th annual Rogers parade. The parade will start at 12.00pm. It is recommended to arrive early as the parade attracts over 300,000 people!

Santa Claus Parade

Photo Credit : CK Golf – Flickr

The Route

If you are a regular spectator for this event take note of the slight change in this year’s route! It will start at the same location – Georgia at Broughton, continue East along Georgia, turning South on Howe. The Santa Claus Parade will end on Howe and Smithe.

The Parade has more than 3,500 participants. This year’s Parade will feature more than 50 marching bands, choirs, festive floats, and community groups.

Photo Credit: CK Golf - Flickr

Photo Credit: CK Golf – Flickr

Spirit of Giving

The parade is also about the Spirit of Giving and is the largest food and fund raising event for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. Should you be attending the parade, attendees are encouraged to bring monetary or non-perishable food donations for the Food Bank, a list of items can be found on the Santa Clause Parade website. It is worth remembering that for each dollar donated, the food bank can purchase $3 worth of food.

Photo Credit: CK Golf - Flickr

Photo Credit: CK Golf – Flickr

If you do venture in to see the parade stop by our hotel and check out our Christmas Tree. Our Christmas tree is the largest outdoor tree on Granville Street!




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