How Technology Can Improve the Effectiveness Of Your Meetings

Are you looking at how you can increase communication and dialogue within your meeting? Technological advances have certainly made a difference in how we do business. Here we look at how technology can improve the effectiveness of your meetings.

Connect With Long Distance Colleagues

Often in large organizations, employees might be based in different locations. Skype and other similar communication tools, such as GoToMeeting, can make your meetings more seamless. This can help to decrease costs for a company by cutting down on travel costs and the removing the need for duplicate meetings with separate departments. There is plenty of video conferencing technology that are available. If you havn’t yet researched some of the tools you can use, here is a short list:

Engage Employees

Google Chromecast and other similar casting applications can allow all attendees to view a presentation. This is a very simple tool that allows users to cast from their laptop to the screen – a presentation, an email or a website. As a result, you can ensure that everybody is on the same page when discussing certain topics, and not skipping ahead and losing track.

  • Because a lot of applications are interactive and can accept questions to the organizer, there is often an increase of collaboration among employees.
  • In addition to collaboration and ease of use, team members feel more relevant and engaged in the conversation.
  • When people feel engaged, they are more likely to stay tuned in and increase productivity during and post meeting.
  • This is due to the fact that there are so many online applications that people can use in order to feel as if they are contributing toward a meeting.

How technology can improve the effectiveness of your meeting

Carry Out Interactive Training Sessions

Regular training within the workplace is becoming increasingly important. It is consequently being recognized as such. Technology can assist enormously with this. If you wish to conduct your meeting as a training session or forum, it is easy to do this via webinar with GoToTraining. This program also allows you to connect in real time and record and store meetings for future reference.

If you’re thinking of booking a meeting offsite – we can provide the following audio visual services upon request:

  • Audio Visual Equipment Rental
  • Projection Mapping & Blending
  • Staging & Platforms
  • Custom Lighting & Design
  • Video and Audio Production
  • Webcast & Live Streaming
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Audio Response
  • Schematic Layout

If you would like to find out more about booking a meeting or event with Chateau Granville, please contact us on 604-633-2062 or take a look at our website.


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