How Do We Stay ‘Green’

Best Western PLUS Chateau Granville is committed to responsibly managing the environmental impacts of our business. We do this by complying with all applicable environmental regulations, training each member of our team in our environmental management practices and engaging our guests in the part that they can play in making sure that we remain a green hotel.

We are consciously and continually researching new ways to reduce energy and water consumption, through efficiency and best practices. As a business, we strive to minimize waste, pollution and the use of hazardous chemicals where possible. We do this by engaging in ‘green’ and environmentally conscious management practices.

How do we stay green?

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How do external influences help?

When making purchasing decisions and choosing suppliers, we take the environmental impact into consideration. Therefore, we choose our contractors and suppliers based on their own environmentally friendly policies.

We have teamed up with various environmental agencies, to help us to take more accountability for our impact on the world around us. Our goal is to continuously improve our environmental management. We do this by using performance indicators to help measure our progress on an ongoing basis annually.

As a result, we deliver on our environmental commitment, while maintaining the highest standard of service to our guests.

Our guests are incremental in helping us to achieve our environmental goals. Due to the amazing response of our programs from guest, we find that the environment is just as important to them as it is to us.

How do our guests help?

Key to our success is the hotels participation in the EcoStay Program. Through this program, the hotel collects two dollars each night from guests to help support sustainable initiatives.  75% of what is collected is used to purchase carbon offsets from LivClean, to make the guests stay carbon neutral. The hotel uses the other 25% to help fund various other sustainable initiatives on site. Some of these efforts include:

  • We offer all unused soap to be sanitized, recycled, and donated.
  • Dimmers installed in all guestrooms to allow for lower energy use.
  • We have converted all lights to LED bulbs
  • Lights and HVAC operations in unoccupied conference rooms turned off, with motion sensors to be installed for increased energy efficiency.
  • We have replaced all of our windows with double-paned windows for energy savings.
  • Purchasing preference given to local and organic food producers, with some produce and herbs grown on site.

Because guest participation is optional, we will remove this two dollar fee, if requested. However, approximately 97% of guests have chosen to take part in the program so far.

There is an amazing level of transparency concerning our environmental impact.  As a result, guests will be able to examine the hotel’s carbon emission reduction efforts on a monthly basis via Green Hotels Global. Additionally, we encourage guests to provide feedback and suggestions on further sustainable initiatives the hotel should undertake.

How do we stay green

What’s next?

We wish to continually seek improvements in our operations. We have a commitment to contributing to sustainability in a meaningful way. As a result of this commitment, we will hopefully pave the way for generations of hoteliers to come.

To learn more about EcoStay and our other associated programs, Green Key Global and Green Tourism,please take a look their websites.

If you wish to supply us with your feedback on how we can do an even better job, we would love to hear from you! For more information, be sure to take a look at our website!

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