National Parks To Visit While In Vancouver

The province of British Columbia, Canada has some of the most scenic national parks in the world. The scenery, parks, coastlines and mountains are some of the things that defines the area. Here we list some of the parks close to downtown Vancouver that will be worth a visit this Summer. Whether you’re travelling as a family, with friends or going solo, our national parks are a fantastic addition to your vacation for any group!

Close to Downtown..

Golden Ears Provincial Park

Golden Ears Provincial Park offers visitors 3 large campgrounds with toilets, showers, fire-pits, hiking, a playground, beaches & plenty of water activities! If you’re looking for a camping spot in a national park, within easy reach to downtown Vancouver that also offers some amazing scenery, this is worth checking out!


National Parks To Visit While In Vancouver


Cypress Provincial Park

Located beside the popular skiing resort, this is an ideal national park to explore if you don’t want to venture to far from Vancouver. Just 28.5 km from downtown, this is easy to reach from the city within around 30 minutes. Enjoy skiing in the winter and hiking trails in the summer, with fantastic views of downtown.

Shannon Falls Provincial Park

Shannon falls is actually the third highest falls in the region. As a result, this is a unique experience and one to tick of the list. Drive along the Sea-to-Sky corridor (Highway 99) and experience an amazing backdrop along the way. Around the base of the falls you’ll find a boardwalk and trail network allowing you to further explore and creates a fantastic spot for a picnic. If you’re driving along the Sea-to-Sky Highway, this an ideal place to stop and venture.

National Parks To Visit While In Vancouver

Photo Credit: rick Goltowski | Unsplash

Mount Seymour Provincial Park

Just a short journey from downtown Vancouver, you’ll find Mount Seymour Provincial Park. A popular hiking trail is The Dog Mountain Trail from Mount Seymour. Although a relatively easy hike, the top offers a astounding view of Vancouver. You’ll arrive at First Lake before reaching the top, where you might want to stop for a rest or spot of lunch.

A little further..

Garibaldi Provincial Park

Just past Shannon Falls Provincial Park, keep driving and you will find Garibaldi Provincial park. Providing endless of hiking opportunities, as well as lakes and waterfalls, this park is seriously impressive. The drive alone will make this a spectacular trip and a journey in BC that you won’t forget!

National Parks To Visit While In Vancouver

Yoho National Park 

Although a little further from downtown Vancouver than some of the other parks mentioned, this will hopefully be worth the extra travel time. This park is simply stunning with spectacular turquoise lakes and panoramic mountain views from every direction.  The natural beauty of this park is difficult to compare with anywhere else in the world!

National Parks To Visit While In Vancouver

If you’re exploring some national parks in BC this Summer, take a look at Hello BC’s website for a more extensive list and more details.

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