Our Search For The Best Food Fare In Vancouver

Vancouver has come to be known as a ‘foodie’ city in recent years. With such a diverse range of amazing food available, we wanted to go on the hunt and find the nations favorite food in Vancouver! Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 


The Edge Social Grille & Lounge has a special poutine on the menu for guests. Slow braised short rib, cheese curds, home-made gravy on crispy skinny fries – it’s one of our most popular dishes!

If you fancy something with a little more variety than your standard poutine, check out La Belle Patate. This diner offers various dishes that would delight any poutine lover! Try their smoked meat or chicken poutine. They even have a mish-mash poutine and smoked meat sandwiches.


A traditional comfort food for many in Vancouver, nothing feels more like a warm hug from the inside. There is certainly no shortage of Pho and Ramen options around the city, there is almost too many to mention! Check out this list of the best Pho in Vancouver.

Our Search For The Best Food Fare In Vancouver!


The only food in Vancouver that is more prolific in Vancouver than Pho is probably sushi! Due to the strong Asian influence, we have some of the best Asian food in the country. Sushi has long been a staple of the Vancouver food landscape. In fact it’s famous for it! Being that there are so many options in the city there is almost too many to choose just one. But you won’t be long finding one!

Chicken & Waffles

The staple of the Canadian brunch! If you’re looking for a chicken and waffle combination to beat all others, The Edge Social Grille & Lounge offer up a delicious feast of Buttermilk fried chicken, maple smoked bacon served with fresh cut hash browns. Located onsite of our hotel, we’re centrally located in downtown Vancouver, so it’s the perfect way to start of your day full of sightseeing and tourist activities.

Our Search For The Best Food Fare In Vancouver!


Believed to have originated in Mexico, the formidable churro has found it’s way to Vancouver.  La Churreria have opened a brand new location in the West End at 1105 Davie Street, specializing in all things churro. Head in when that sweet tooth hits!

Ice cream

Earnest Ice Cream wins for the best ice cream in Vancouver – if not – the world… With a combination of vegan and classic flavors, the taste is to die for. It’s easy to see why there is a consistent line up. But it’s worth the wait! Check out their website for more information on locations and flavor options!

Our Search For The Best Food Fare In Vancouver!

We hope that some of the above suggestions have a little of what you’re looking for, but if not don’t fear! Vancouver has some of the best restaurants and food markets in Canada – you won’t be disappointed with the fare here!

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