How To Achieve The Perfect Meeting Space

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The importance of regular and effective communications within organizations is enormous. This is why finding the most ideal meeting space is crucial. For a meeting to be worthwhile, it must also be effective. Regular and efficient meetings can reduce workplace stress and anxiety, increase innovation and reinforce a sense of teamwork. It can prove to be invigorating for employers and employees alike. Whether it’s an AGM, corporate conference, employee appreciation evening or a festive annual event, you want to make your gathering a success with the optimal result achieved for yourself and all attendees. Take a look at a few of the factors that can influence the perfect meeting space.


Probably key to an optimal meeting space is the perfect lighting. This has a big impact on the focus and productivity level of participants. For example, florescent lights can often attribute to headaches and poor concentration. Due to this, our clients appreciate the natural light that each one of our banquet rooms offer. This usually leads to improved concentration and higher levels of attention and teamwork.


While you don’t always need the latest, hi-tech technology in order to have an effective meeting, there are usually some specific requirements which should be considered. Therefore, it’s important think about what you are trying to achieve. Make a list of what you might require based on the agenda of the meeting. Are you setting up a presentation, will there be some conference calls? Whatever you may need, we can provide the necessary equipment upon request.


Although catering options might not seem like they should be very high on your list of priorities – keeping your team happy and fed should be! A delicious and healthy lunch or even some meeting snacks can help to sustain moral and keep energy levels high. We have a variety of catering options available. Our team can deliver a customized catering experience for breakfast, lunch, dinner and meeting breaks.

How To Achieve The Perfect Meeting Space


Location is probably the most important aspect of arranging a meeting. Do you want somewhere close to the office or close to downtown? Somewhere that perhaps your team can unwind and socialize afterward with a drink. Also take into consideration traffic issues and people who need to commute to the location. If there is a lot of travel time to and from the venue, it can hinder morale before you have even started. Sometimes cost can play a part, as locations outside the city tend to be more economical. We are located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. We can provide you with various rooms at different rates and we do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible.

How To Achieve The Perfect Meeting Space

Regular meetings can accelerate your mission and your vision as a team. If you’re looking for the perfect conference space in downtown Vancouver, we have five separate rooms to meet any requirements you may have. All of our meeting rooms enjoy natural light. In addition to this, each room is equipped with complimentary high speed internet with state-of-the-art audiovisual options. For more information on our rooms, please visit www.chateaugranville.com.

Meeting Room - Chateau Granville Vancouver

To learn more about how we can help make your Vancouver meeting memorable, contact our catering department at (604) 633-2062 or fill out a Request for Proposal and our team will get back to you right away.

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