Travelling Safety Tips

We all love to travel, and when we do, we want to enjoy it. The great memories. The fun times. The interesting people. But we all want to be safe while travelling. Below we have included a few top travelling safety tips for our travellers while travelling.



Always research your destination so you have some idea of where you are going. Research it online or call the concierge of the hotel you will be staying and ask your questions of the surrounding areas.


Always keep you luggage close and in sight especially while arriving at your destination. Doormen and Bellman of your respective hotel of choice will be more than happy to help with your luggage while you check-in at Reception. This way your full attention is on registering.


Have travel documents handy and make a copy that you can have backed up in a thumbdrive  or even better in your email in case of lost or stolen. It will make it easier to replace if need be.

Safety when travelling


Let others close to you know where you are travelling to and keep in contact with family or friends with social media.


When arriving at your hotel make sure to get two business cards. One to keep by your hotel room’s telephone in case there was an emergency you can tell someone what address you are at. The other to keep on your person so you know where you are staying while in the visiting city you are in.


Once in your hotel room make sure to double lock your door at all times and be familiar with the fire plan on the back of your hotel room’s door. Be aware of the closest stairwell, fire pull station, and / or fire extinguisher or fire hose. Also, if your hotel room come with a balcony be sure to make sure the balcony door is locked at all times. be sure not to lock yourself out on the balcony. Bring your cell phone out onto the balcony in case you do get locked out so you can alert the hotel Reception to come to your aid.


Keep your valuables locked inside your in-room safe while staying at the hotel and only carry on you what you need.


When using hotel elevators be the last one in and the last one to choose your floor number. If there is someone in the elevator that you don’t feel right about you can always take the next elevator.


Be alert and aware of your surroundings. If you see or hear anything that does not seem right, alert hotel reception immediately so they can investigate.


If you are driving be sure to park in well lit areas or near an entrance or exit.

These are only but a few of numerous safety tips we can offer or suggest at any given moment. We have included a link below for additional travelling safety tips for you as well. The best way to be safe is to always have a preparation plan and use caution. Hotels are great places to visit and stay as the environment is that of comfort, relaxation, and of course safety. Hotel staff are trained to handle all.


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