World Water Day- What we do to Save Water!

Saving Water for a Better Tomorrow!

Every year, World Water Day highlights the importance that water has in our lives. It acts as a call to action to recognize that fresh water is not something to take for granted.

March 22nd is marked as World Water Day. We thought it would be great to share with you, just a few of the many initiatives we follow, to help save water on a daily basis at the Best Western Plus Chateau Granville Hotel.

 We save water with our Linen and Towel Reuse Program

World Water Day-What we do to save water

For longer stay over guests, we have appropriate signage to keep guests informed that their linen is changed every third day,unless requested otherwise. We also encourage our guests to re-use their towels ­­throughout their stay. Fresh towels are provided upon request. This process has helped us to drastically reduce water consumption.

We save water by Installing Low Flow Toilets

World Water Day -What we do to Save Water

We save water with our Eco- Friendly Laundry Products

We use eco-friendly laundry products to optimize our laundry process by using less harsh chemicals for the environment. We offer make up towels in all guest rooms to avoid the constant use of bleach in our washing process.


We save water with our Aquanomic Program

World Water Day -What we do to Save Water

This program runs through EcoLab and allows us to optimize our laundry process by combining the elements of low temperature and a smart wash process with reduced wash steps.  The Aquanomics program helps us to improve operational efficiency of our laundry by reducing our water and energy usage by up to 40%. We use aquanomic laundry products such as low temperature detergents and de-stainers which help us to adopt a smart and efficient laundry operation, thus taking us one step closer to achieving our green goals.


 We save water by Educating our Employees

World Water Day -What we do to Save Water

By developing a green policy, it let’s our staff live and breathe our green initiatives on a daily basis. We offer constant and continuous staff training to ensure that the team is committed to our green objectives and our water management plan through staff meetings and notice boards.


We save Water by raising awareness with our Guests

World Water Day -What we do to Save Water

As with our employees, we must educate our guests about the importance of saving water. With simple behavioral changes, such as reducing the number of towels a day or closing the taps when they are not being used, we can make improvements and involve guests in our water management system that takes care of the environment and is sustainable over time.

On this World Water Day 2018 we encourage you all to understand the fragility of our environment and the importance of its protection. We leave you with this final thought

Let’s be wise in using water, “keep it for nature, and nature will keep it for us”

World Water Day -What we do to Save Water

Happy World Water Day

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