Tips for Sun Run Success

Vancouver Sun Run Here we come!

The Vancouver Sun Run start line will accommodate close to 50,000 enthusiastic runners! This Sunday April 14th, 2019 marks the 35th annual run. It is Canada’s largest 10K road race promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for all participants.

History of the Vancouver Sun Run

The Vancouver Sun Run has been Canada’s largest 10K road race since its inception in 1985. Founded by former Canadian Olympians Dr. Doug and Diane Clement along with Dr. Jack Taunton, the run’s purpose was to promote the benefits of running and to improve health and fitness. The first ever run attracted 3,200 participants.

Tips for Sun Run Success

When crowding into the downtown core with more than 50,000 runners plus thousands of spectators, it’s good to come prepared. Check out our tips for sun run success.

1) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

We cannot stress more on the importance of staying hydrated, before, during and after the race. Hydration is extremely important! Most cramps, pains, and other problems come from not being properly hydrated. This can be easily fought by starting to drink water well before you run.Take advantage of the water stations at the race.

2) Wear Footwear you know

On race day sink your feet into running shoes that you are comfortable in, instead of buying new footwear for the race. Remember you’ll be on your feet for a while and the last thing you want is blisters forming because you’re wearing new shoes.

3) Stretching

Nothing can derail your fitness goals like an injury. Stretching prepares your body for the workout to come and increases joint flexibility. Keep your muscles limber throughout the race to prevent cramping. Remember to do some stretching before and after your run!

4) Stick to your Colour Zone

The race begins at 9am but it is best to get there early and find out exactly where you start. As you registered for the Sun Run, you were asked for an estimated time to complete the race. Your start line is categorized based on that time. All start lines will be colour-coded and there will be coloured balloons arching over Georgia street to mark your time zone.

5) Remember, Have Fun at the Run

The weather is set to be nice on Sunday and the race-day experience includes thousands of cheering fans, live entertainment throughout the picturesque race route.

The Vancouver Sun Run is an unforgettable event as a participant or as a spectator. So remember to have fun at the Run! High five the spectators, laugh at the funny signs and be sure to cheer back!

Our Vancouver Sun Run Team

We are proud to be representing the Best Western Plus Chateau Granville Hotel & Suites & Conference Centre at the Vancouver Sun Run this year! Come and Cheer on our team!

Smile and have fun…..Sun Run here we come!

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